This blog is mainly for funny or meaningful screencaps from various media.

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Other than that, we hope that you enjoy the blog!

Kong: Am I being punished?

Peco: Amazing spin… I’ll have to angle my racket down.

Kong: I get kicked off the top team, and then they toss me with crap players that wouldn’t make the second team?

Peco: Ugh…

Kong: Is this hell?

I was born in the land of ping pong, and I think I practiced more than


I got results, too.

I’ve supported my family.

But I make one little mistake and I’m stuck with these people…

Your backhand is weak!

And your forehand!

And your legs!

And your reactions!

Nothing about you is good enough!

Don’t you dare think you can stand at the same table as me!

Why did I have to come to this country; to the eastern end of the Earth?!

Now learn…

…how powerless…

…and unpolished you are!

Bleach, Episode 217, Beautiful Little Devil Charlotte

Yumichika Ayasegawa : Stop spewing nonsense while you’re swinging your seaweed hair all over the place!

Charlotte Chuhlhourne: What?! What did you just call my beautiful hair? Seaweed? How dare you talk about my lovely jet black hair and shimmering purple highlights and compare it to something as gross as seaweed?! Listen, if you have the nerve to be that nasty, then I don’t feel that guilty about calling you a big black toadstool!

Yumichika Ayasegawa: You think I’m a toadstool?

Meeting Ai, Aria the Animation Episode 1, That Wonderful Miracle…

Ai: You’re going to practice, right?

Akari: Yeah, I guess…

Ai: Then let’s get going. Here.

Akari: But, I’m only a journeyman. I can’t take on customers.

Ai: I know. From now on, I’m your friend.

Mizunashi Akari: What?!

Ai: I’m not a customer, so…

Mizunashi Akari: Um… Well…

Ai: I’ll scream.

Mizunashi Akari: Scream what?

Ai: Kidnapper. Somebody. Help me. Stuff like that. Friend?

Mizunashi Akari: Yeah…

Bartender: You will play a game of pool.

*Explosion and metallic cranking*

Man:What is this?

Woman:You will play the game, “eight-ball.”

However, your ball will display various parts of your body in lieu of numbers.

Man:This is sick.

Woman:The body parts are simply images on the balls, so even if your heart ball is pocketed, you will not lose your life.

You will pocket all of your opponent’s body parts, and then pocket the eight-ball to win.

That is all.

Who would like to perform the break?

Bartender: Please allow me to explain the situation that you two have been placed in.

Woman:First of all…

Bartender:I cannot tell you where this place is.


Bartender:We will soon have the two of you play a game.

Man:Huh? A game?

Woman: Third…

Bartender:The game you play will be decided by a roulette.

Man:A roulette? 

Now, wait just a minute, you—

Woman:This will be the start button.

Man:This isn’t a roulette!

Woman: Fourth…

Bartender:You will risk your lives in this game.

Man:What? Old Man:Huh?

Man:W-wait. Why would we do something like that?

Right, gramps? Old Man: Yeah.


Bartender:Now, you won’t be allowed to leave until the game is over.