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Meeting Ai, Aria the Animation Episode 1, That Wonderful Miracle…

Ai: You’re going to practice, right?

Akari: Yeah, I guess…

Ai: Then let’s get going. Here.

Akari: But, I’m only a journeyman. I can’t take on customers.

Ai: I know. From now on, I’m your friend.

Mizunashi Akari: What?!

Ai: I’m not a customer, so…

Mizunashi Akari: Um… Well…

Ai: I’ll scream.

Mizunashi Akari: Scream what?

Ai: Kidnapper. Somebody. Help me. Stuff like that. Friend?

Mizunashi Akari: Yeah…

Bartender: You will play a game of pool.

*Explosion and metallic cranking*

Man:What is this?

Woman:You will play the game, “eight-ball.”

However, your ball will display various parts of your body in lieu of numbers.

Man:This is sick.

Woman:The body parts are simply images on the balls, so even if your heart ball is pocketed, you will not lose your life.

You will pocket all of your opponent’s body parts, and then pocket the eight-ball to win.

That is all.

Who would like to perform the break?

Bartender: Please allow me to explain the situation that you two have been placed in.

Woman:First of all…

Bartender:I cannot tell you where this place is.


Bartender:We will soon have the two of you play a game.

Man:Huh? A game?

Woman: Third…

Bartender:The game you play will be decided by a roulette.

Man:A roulette? 

Now, wait just a minute, you—

Woman:This will be the start button.

Man:This isn’t a roulette!

Woman: Fourth…

Bartender:You will risk your lives in this game.

Man:What? Old Man:Huh?

Man:W-wait. Why would we do something like that?

Right, gramps? Old Man: Yeah.


Bartender:Now, you won’t be allowed to leave until the game is over.

Brock’s Dad’s Laugh

Ash— Pokémon League Regional Championships… Alright!

Misty— Hah!

Ash— Huh? What’s the matter?

Misty— To compete in the Regional Championships, you need to beat gym trainers from different towns and get their badges as proof. Can you do that?

Ash— Of course I can!

Brock’s Dad (Flint)— Hahaha… Don’t tell me you plan on challenging Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader?

Ash— Of course I do! As soon as Pikachu and my other Pokémon are better, I’ll have no problem! Take me to this Brock’s gym. I’ll beat him!

Brock’s Dad (Flint)— Hahaha… You’ll beat him? Hahahaha…

Someday’s Dreamers, Final Episode (12)

Takako: My dear Masami… you see, I’m really happy today because I’m living each day to the fullest for your sake.

Oyamada Masami: …Takako

Takako: If it were you, Masami, that died in that accident and I survived, I would’ve led a life like that. Do you think that’s heartless? It might very well be heartless, but… living my life to the fullest would be a token of my love for you.

Oyamada Masami: That would be just like you.

K Project, Episode 3, Kitchen

Kusanagi Izumo— Listen, you punks! This bar was specially imported from a pub in England. It cost me a fortune! The scent of ales, cigarettes, and the chatter of drunken patrons…

Yata Misaki— Mr. Kusanagi…

Kusanagi Izumo— …are soaked into this fine piece of history…

Yata Misaki— You’re going to crush my skull!

Kusanagi Izumo— With every polishing…

Kamamoto Rikio— Please, let go!

Kusanagi Izumo— …the luster of the rosewood…

Kamamoto & Yata— Ow! Oww! 

Kusanagi Izumo— So… Care to tell me how this fight all started, boys?